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HDHomeRun Prime passes CableLabs tests



Good news new for those Windows Media Center fans waiting for SiliconDust’s CableCARD-compatible HDHomerRun Prime to add to your Home Theater PC (HTPC) setup and experience by allowing users to gain access to premium channels and distribute those channels throughout the house via Streaming Windows Media.  At last, we have another option in the CableCard tuner category!

“Nickk” (who we are assuming is Nick Kelsey, CTO of SiliconDust USA, Inc.), confirmed in the SiliconDust forums the news that “HDHomeRun Prime is now Certified!”. Nick went on to say that an email will be sent shortly with more details, but that the rollout will happen in two stages with the first being a 6-tuner Theatre unit followed by the 3-tuner unit shortly after. Both units will be available with 30-day pre-ordering through a yet-unannounced major retailer; however, certain sites are not authorized to take pre-orders and “will not be first in line for delivering product.” Consequently, Amazon has removed their pre-order option from their website for the HDHomeRun Prime CableCARD box.

More information will be sent out by SiliconDust as the time approaches. Stay tuned and we will be sure to let you know when these units go on pre-order or simply fill out the form here to get on SiliconDust’s mailing list.


[via Engadget and SiliconDust]

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