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Google TV Changes the Channel with New Release Set for Later This Year


Google TV is gearing up for round two after not winning over as many fans (or critics) in its first season launch in October of last year by making a number of changes to the script.

Google Internet TVBlocked to services by some mainstream web video providers such as Hulu, Google TV will approach consumers with a clearer pitch as being an “addition to the traditional TV experience”. Google TV will produce a new wave of applications via the Android Market and deliver unique video that is not available through satellite or cable packages.

Google TV (only being available as an option on certain Sony TVs, Blu-Ray players and set-top boxes from Logitech) has explained disappointing sales such as Logitech’s $5 million worth of Google TV products last quarter as being in the early days of the marriage between internet and TV. Google TV imagines its first version not unlike the G1, the first Android phone, which offered hints at what Google’s phone would become overtime. Starting off a little clunky and not much to look at, overtime the Android became a major force in the smartphone industry.  Many believe the same will happen in Google TVs case.

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