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Elgato’s HDHomeRun to stream TV content to PC / Mac, iOS devices wirelessly


HDHomeRun cablecard



For Streaming Media Player lovers, wirelessly streaming TV signals to computers and other devices was taken to the next step last week when Elgato announced its latest product, the Elgato HDHomeRun.

Powered by technology from SiliconDust, Elgato’s HDHomeRun is a network dual tuner for HDTV. The tuner works seamlessly on multiple computers. One person can watch and record TV on a Mac, and at the same time a second person can watch and record a different channel on a PC. HDHomeRun connects to your existing TV antenna or cable TV outlet, and to your router via Ethernet. This allows the device to remain concealed in a discreet location away from your computers. Once connected to your Wi-Fi network, users can watch live TV wirelessly on a portable computer or iPad, anywhere inside the house.

“This new platform satisfies two requests that many of our customers have made: viewing of HDTV content on multiple household computers and inconspicuous placement of the device itself,” said Adam Steinberg, Elgato’s VP of Marketing. “HDHomeRun is designed to give our customers maximum flexibility. Whether it’s Mac or PC, capturing a TV signal from either an antennae or cable or being able to view and record different content on
multiple computers, HDHomeRun can accomplish it all.”

The box can connect to the router and TV antenna and stream HD videos to your PC anywhere in the house using Wi-fi. Like its predecessors, HDHomeRun is bundled with the versatile EyeTV3 Mac software. The UI (user interface) allows management of TV programs, time shifting, DVR functions and live-pausing. Some features of HDHomeRun are even compatible with Windows Media Center 7.


And owing to Elgato’s inclusion of its popular EyeTV app, HDHomeRun is also compatible with iOS devices to include the iTouch, iPhones and iPads. As you might have guessed, this feature is only available for the Mac side of the house.

At $179, the HDHomeRun can really enhance the versatility of your Home Theater PC (HTPC) set up which is quickly becoming the focal point of home system integration.

As mentioned above, Elgato’s device is running on the same technology as SiliconDust’s CableCARD-compatible HDHomeRun Prime which we reviewed recently.  The question is whether the combination of the hardware and software bundle is enough to beat out the competition.

Let us know what your thoughts are about this new device in the comment section below!  How many of you have used EyeTV and what are your experiences?




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