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Android@Home INSIDE your home




Android@Home has to be my favorite news break from this year’s Google I/O that just finished up in San Francisco, California. Sadly, I was unable to attend…and by sad I mean that 5000 developers that were in attendance received a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet which is rumored to be released next month!

Event coverage by Tim Stevens, Editor-in-Chief of Engadget, has brought new life into my home system integration dreams as he covered the introduction of the Android@home framework . He started off with a question:

“Want more Android in your house? How about Android in your house.”

This caught my attention enough to continue to read:

“Google wants to think of ‘every appliance in your home’ as a potential accessory for your phone. The opportunities are seemingly endless, the sort of thing we’ve seen in the Zigbee and Z-wave areas, but sadly this implementation doesn’t actually seem to be using any of those standards. The team teased ideas like lights turning on and off based on calendar events, applications talking to washing machines, games automatically adjusting for mood lighting, and basically little green dudes taking care of all the menial duties in your house.”


Google also introduced an Android-powered device hub called Tungsten. They demoed the technology by embedding CD cases using RFID (radio-frequency Identification).  Using the embedded technology, the device was able to detect and store the CD into your library.  Now while the CDs are “quaint” as Tim from Engadget said, I can certainly see the power in technology like this when combined with sofware like the ever popluar add-in for Windows Home Server 2011 and Window Media Center 7: My Movies. Imagine having your DVD and Blu-Ray collection automatically compiled for you….though My Movies get’s pretty close.  Pretty sweet!

In light of new things coming from Google such as Android@Home and the Tungsten device, it is easy to see that there are amazing things a head of us in the not so distant future! Home integration, as awesome as it is already, can only move forward from here.  With more competition amongst the heavy hitters comes innovation and we all know that innovation means cool stuff to play with!

As always, we‘d like to hear our readers thoughts about the upcoming Android@Home as well as what you think about Project Tungsten. What are the chances that these technologies will be catch on?

Thanks Tim for the update!


[via Engadget]

  1. Mic

    This is awesome and scary at the same time. I can this becoming a thriller where Google becomes an evil corporation that has full control of your house…and your life!
    Seriously though, I can see the benefit of Android@home. The connected home constantly in your pocket. This reminds me of the commercial where the person locks key in car, calls spouse that's on an airplane getting ready to take off and they say, "no problem" opens app on phone, pushes button and car doors unlock.
    I can't wait until we can have full on conversations with our house! save me some money by not seeing my therapist any more;)

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