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Media Streaming Giant ‘Vudu’ to offer Movie Streaming on Web browsers



It seems just about every platform out there these days supports streaming media in one way or another, and Vudu is already supported on many popular Connected Home platforms like TV streaming, PS3 media streaming on Gaming consoles , and DVD & Blu-ray players.   Vudu, the video streaming service provider, is now ready to provide movie streaming on web browsers right on your PC.

media player streamingVudu Inc, recently acquired by Walmart, basically started as a streaming media player set-top box manufacturer, but soon started its own Video-on-Demand services. Initially, it provided HD quality video streaming capabilities through its software application, Boxee for Home Theatre PC (HTPC). In recent times, it has diversified its base to include third party devices like Sony PS3, Blu-ray players, etc.

Vudu’s movie streaming on web browsers, however, will be limited to SD quality. Subscribers will have to do without HD or even 3D content while watching their rented or bought videos on their browsers as opposed to Vudu’s connected-TV streaming. This is not going to be a downside for Vudu since its rivals, like Hulu and Netflix, do not stream HD quality videos either.

Vudu PC screenshot

Future plans for Vudu subscribers include being able to stream videos on any device that can connect to the internet. According to hints by Edward Litchy, G.M, Vudu, one can expect to soon find video on demand services on tablet devices like iPads.

[Via Venturebeat, rental screenshot via Cnet]

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