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Experience Samsung 3D for less with 2 pairs of glasses now included!



Samsung LED 3D TVs are now even more enticing now with this recent announcement:

Beginning May 1st 2011, a pair of Samsung’s Active 3D-capable 2011 HDTV glasses will start selling at $50 down from the staggering $130. As if the price slash is not enough, an extra pair will be added in the pack, making it 2 pairs for a price of only $50.

Samsung LED 3D

The move was announced soon after FPR-based (Film-Type Patterned Retarter displays from LG, Vizio, Toshiba and Phillips hit the market. The move is seen as price hit back after the giant LG tried to down play Samsung by selling its Real- compatible Theater 3D glasses at $10 per pair while Vizio had theirs going for $29.99 per pair and $44.99 for two.

New price for both the battery powered Samsung model SSG-3100 GB and lighter Silhouette –designed SSG-3700GR, are yet to be announced. These two are the cheapest 3D glasses offered by Samsung, although there are all indications that their prices will be slashed soon. As it stands now, Active glasses are much better than passive in terms of picture quality and the viewing angle is just unbeatable.

It seems that this time there really is no turning back from 3D and perhaps it will stay permanently this time!


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