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Amulet Voice Recognition Remote – Beta software release version 2.18.16


For those of you looking for the ultimate in speech recognition and voice control of your Windows Media Center environment, Amulet is your best option. Indeed, Amulet has pretty much cornered the market when it comes to voice control commands for your Home Theater PC (HTPC).

voice recognition software

I started using the Amulet when I reviewed the device for Home Toys and haven’t looked back.  If you haven’t had the chance to break free of multiple remotes to control your Home Theater / HTPC combination, this just might be what you are looking for as remotes such as the Amulet can make a huge difference in your home system integration functionality.

Amulet Devices is obviously very serious about their product and it shows by the consistent updates to its software, increasing the functionality with each release.  The newest beta release 2.18.16 has brought a number of improvements including:

  • Multiple bugs fixed in indexing of TV Guide programs for voice search
  • Hi-definition and standard definition channels can now be referred to by the same name, with hidef taking precedence; say NEXT MATCH to find additional matches
  • Channels can now be referred to by service name as well as callsign
  • YouTube voice search now works again, following YouTube’s update of their Leanback interface
  • Many bugs fixed

You can find a full list of changes since 2.18.14 in the Beta forums here.  If you have an Amulet Devices HTPC Remote, being on the beta testing team not only gives you a crack at testing out the most recent improvements, but Amulet actually gives rebates back to beta testers who contribute to the cause with quality feedback.  Now, that is a company serious about their customers wants, needs, and desires!

Amulet Devices

While no specific My Movies enhancements were included in this particular update, Eddy Carroll, CTO of Amulet Devices says in the most recent beta software announcement that:

We have been working closely with Brian Binnerup of My Movies who is adding some additional support in the forthcoming My Movies 4.0 release, to facilitate voice control through Amulet.

This obviously is exciting news as Brian Binnerup’s “My Movies” add in may be one of the most popular Windows Home Server add-ins out there in the Connected Home world.  If you aren’t familiar with My Movies, learn more about the popular WHS add-in now!  You won’t be disappointed!

Great work Amulet!  Thanks for the update!


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  1. TeamViewer

    Definitely that Amulet seems to be a very interesting choice when it comes to speech recognition and voice control of the Windows Media Center. Thanks a lot for the review.

  2. Pat Lawless
    Pat Lawless05-24-2011

    Thanks for all of the poisitve feedback about our remote as well as your constructive product suggestions. It is users like you who help us to shape the future features and integration points for our products. Pat Lawless – Amulet Devices

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