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Louis Gray moves towards the Connected Home with Home System Integration


My intention on posting this has nothing with “self-glorification” or anything like that.  To be honest, the level of work we’ve accomplished is not all that “spectacular”…yet.  We did it, and we did it cheap, but that’s the point I want everyone to hear!  You do not need to be rich to move down the path towards a Smart Home.  I mean, start with a Windows Home Server (WHS) or some other type of home media server.  The point is…start!  Just like Louis Gray started his journey here…

Home Electronics

This project initially started out as something as basic as the mounting of TVs and hooking up my buddy Louis Gray’s existing Home Theater equipment as he had just moved into a new home to support his expanding family.

For those of you who may not be familiar, Louis Gray is quite well known an many of the more prominent technology circles within Silicon Valley and beyond.  I am grateful to count Louis among my closer friends and it has been amazing watching his growth in popularity, much of it while I was deployed.  Besides, he helped both pack and unpack my house for my deployment to Iraq, so I figured I owed him to at least help with his basic needs and so we started discussing his options.The cool thing is that the more he and I discussed the “possibilities” of what a truly “Connected Home” brings, the brighter that gleam in his eye got!

My Connected Home

I remain convinced that if we as an industry can spread this message about the reality of the “Connected Home” to the general consumer, we will witness an explosion! Much of the infrastructure is already in place and the prices on Home Technology devices are dropping significantly, not to mention all the innovation that is going on in the industry at this very moment.  It seems to me like all the pieces are in place to see real growth in home system integration, but perhaps what we need are industry leaders to find a common ground in which to introduce this concept to the general consumer.  I’d bet that most people out there still think “Home Automation” is for the rich only.  We have a chance to get the proverbial foot in the door by using the lure of content to peak people’s interest.

Perhaps Louis’ story will help in reaching more ears and peaking interest so that we have a chance to show everyone all the cool things you can do in a Connected Home these days…and pretty inexpensively too!

Check out Louis’ story and see if home system integration is a topic that grabs your attention!

Thanks for the great write-up Louis.  Very much appreciated!


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