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Two Top Technologies I found at CES 2011 today


Wow.  CES is amazing.  I’m telling you, if you love technology, you have to come to the Consumer Electronics Show at least once in your lifetime!  2011 is going to be a great year for technology!

I wanted to talk about two of the technologies I saw today that got me pretty excited!

Yahoo! Connected TV


While Yahoo Connected TV has been around on a number of TV brands and other devices, it has mostly been a simple widget driven type of system that lies on top of the TV screen.   But now, Yahoo has teamed up with D-Link to produce an appliance much like Google TV’s Logitech Revue in both form AND function.  It seems that Google TVs concept of interacting with your TV was indeed a good idea!  Yahoo seems to be right at their heels!


primesense logo

The second technology that really caught my attention today was from PrimeSense.  PrimeSense actually created theechnology that Microsoft used for the Kinect and has now gone and created their own “Kinect” combined with a new interface called OpenNI.  The NI stands for Natural Interaction and Primesense states they are “leading the new OpenNI consortium that heralds a new consumer lifestyle that is changing the way we interact with the world”. We’re ok with that kind of outlook, it will be very exciting to see what happens with this new way of interacting with devices around the home!

Two great technologies that I happened to mention in my 2011 technology pre-view are what I came across in my first afternoon at CES.  Pretty cool!

More details about both of these technologies in the near future as well as more of my “finds of the day” to come tomorrow!

Stay tuned!


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