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My Movies – Media Center Movie Streaming Bliss


If you’ve got a PC hooked up to your Home Theater (thus making it a HTPC), then you’ve got to do yourself a favor and check out the latest release of My Movies.  In case you missed it, we reviewed My Movies in an earlier article, check it out if you need to get up to speed!  In a nutshell, My Movies becomes a part of Windows Media Center and a great streaming Windows Media solution!


In my 4th article for Home Toys, I go into more depth on some of the more popular features as well as some of the newer features like Android support:

If you want a streaming media solution for your home that not only catalogs, categorizes, and fills in all the details about the movie for you, but also gives you a slick interface so that you have far reaching ability to tweak to your style, then My Movies is the application for you!

Be sure to catch the article in it’s entirety over at Home Toys!


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  1. Ahura

    Nice! I haven't heard of My Movies until now. Can wait to try it out!

  2. Manny

    Why do you use the word Streaming with My Movies. This is not a streaming software. You have to own and have the movie copied into your PC in order to use My Movies. Streaming mean be able to play movies from the Internet which this program is not.

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