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Use your Kinect 360 gestures to control Boxee and XBMC Media Center!


Very timely news, considering our recent post on the popular Media Center solution XBMC release,  is hitting the wires today about a new beta release of KinEmote.  Not only does KinEmote give you the ability to use hand gestures to control your new install of XBMC, it also apparently works for Boxee also!

kinect 360

As anticipated, more “real world” applications are coming out based on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect, a device that tracks the movements of your body with an array of cameras.  Microsoft has released a whole slew of games that you can now play without a controller, but by also releasing the SDK for the Kinect, they’ve really opened to doors to interacting with your TV, HTPC (Home Theater PC), and if I’m guessing, eventually things around the house like your lights all by making gestures with your hands! Feel free to read up about the Kinect from our resident expert Eyal Kattan of Media Nexus Inc!

The Kinect certainly represents a huge leap in technology within the home and it is very exciting to think of its applications within the home system integration industry!

Catch more details about this from our esteemed colleagues over at Engadget.  Thanks Thomas!

Stay tuned for more about the Kinect!  We will pass it along as we hear about it, however if you’ve used one and played with this stuff, please let us know about your experiences in our comments section.  I swear, I’m dying to get one of these and start messing around with it!

Happy Holidays everyone, may there be peace on earth!  Until then, please keep our military in your thoughts and prayers because as I know from experience, the holidays are a hard time to be deployed.  You guys hang tough out there!


[source and pic via Engadget]

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