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FreeNAS Server Setup Part 3 – iTunes Streaming


As the name implies, FreeNAS is an free operating system used for building your own network-attached storage (NAS) device. Not only does it do a great job in being a NAS, it also has many other services and features. One of these features is acting as a streaming media server. FreeNAS can stream to iTunes on your PC/Mac as well as to DLNA/UPnP devices such as a PS3, Xbox 360, newer televisions, blue-ray players, some smart phones and many other DLNA-enabled devices.


In this, the third installment of our FreeNAS Install Guide series, we will focus on configuring media streaming to iTunes from your FreeNAS server. We’ll also show you how to setup the equally popular DLNA/UPnP protocol in the next tutorial so stay tuned!

iTunes Setup

1. Login to your FreeNAS web-administration console

2. Click on the ‘Services’ Tab

3. Click on the ‘iTunes/DAAP’ menu item


4. Click on the ‘Enable’ checkbox to select this item

5. In the ‘Server Name’ field, change this to how you would like your server to appear in iTunes

6. Under the ‘Database directory’ section, click on the ellipsis button

7. Navigate to the folder where you would like your configuration files and database will be saved. Once you see the path in the field, click ‘ok’


8. Under the ‘Content’ section, in the ‘Add’ field, type in the location of the folder containing the music, pictures, and videos you would like to share. In addition to specific iTunes formats, files that are compatible can also be in MP3, MP4, JPG, and other formats that is playable within iTunes

9. Click on the ‘Add’ button and your folder should now be listed in the ‘Content’ list


10. Go ahead and change your password in the ‘Password’ field to keep others from changing your settings

11. Click the ‘Save and Restart’ button

12. Open your ‘iTunes’ application on your PC or Mac. You should now see the your server listed in the ‘Shared’ section’


13. Click on your server and a new window will pop-up listing all of your shared media

That’s it! You can now install a FreeNAS server and configure it to allow access to your music, pictures, and videos on multiple computers running iTunes!  Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any problems with your setup or with any questions!


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John ReyesJohn, a seasoned IT professional working in the field since the Dot-Com Era, currently works as a system engineer for a large health care organization. In addition to his full time job, John also specializes in small business consulting, data recovery, forensics and freelance writing. He is also very active in the open-source community. When he’s not in front of a computer, you’ll usually find him mountain biking on a hill somewhere.View all posts by John Reyes

  1. unstopabell

    Awesome article John, as always! Anyone else out there using FreeNAS with iTunes? Let us know about your experience!

  2. CNA Training
    CNA Training12-30-2010

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Dx2

    Instructions are crystal clear so thank you but having one problem – only music is showing up in iTunes. I have several mp4 videos and pictures in the same folder but only the the music appears. Any ideas?

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