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Drive Extenders’ demise opens doors for companies like SageTV


It seems that there is a vast majority of people out there who have given up on Windows Home Server “Vail” because of the recent announcement that Microsoft will be dropping the Drive Extender technology from the impending Home Server release.  To be  honest, I can not understand why everyone is so willing to completely abandon a platform because of the exclusion of a single function (as good as it might have been), but we’ll have more on that later.

SageTV Server

At this point, I figure that people are now scouring the internet in search of a new platform to replace their aging Windows Home Server v1’s and thought a discussion about SageTV’s new Media Center 7 and HD Theater300 combination would be perfect right about now.  Perhaps these changes with Drive Extender will open the doors for companies like SageTV to make a play for market share with their new system which takes the technology a bit further than other streaming digital media players.  As the SageTV community grows and more and more useful plug-ins are created, this platform could really turn out to be something sweet!

Check out my latest Home Toys article entitled “SageTV Media Center 7 – A Better Media Streaming Solution” and let us know about your experience with SageTV in our comments!



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