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UEFI and 600T Corsair Build – A Supplement to BYOB Podcast #19


Timothy Daleo over at Using Windows Home Server website wrote a great article about UEFI for those who are on the more technical side and looking to learn about what very well could be the replacement of or existing MBR partitioning.

Here’s an excerpt:

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is interface between the pre-boot environment and the starting of the operating system. UEFI is important because it will eventually lead to changes in BIOS, operating systems and add-in cards.

EFI Image

Image From Wiki

The Expected Result – Faster Boot Times

Intel tells us we could have EFI boot times (the time prior to the OS load start) reduced from 15 seconds to the sub-2-second range. Really? Yes. This means you could see the Windows logo in three seconds and have Windows running in about 15 seconds. Sweet!

Head on over to our friends at Using Windows Home Server and read the rest of the article!


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