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3 Innovations That Make Google TV A Winner!



As I’ve watched different sites review the latest attempt by Google at creating a true WebTV experience with Google TV on the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV & Sony Internet Blu-ray Player, I have to shake my head at how people seem so bent on focusing on the negative, seemingly with the only intention of making their favorite Internet Media Streaming Device look better! It blows my mind that with the kind of innovation that Google TV has brought to the table, people couldn’t find more to discuss than the lack of applications or features!  It’s the first incarnation of this device, it’s already good and it WILL get better!

When I see products like this, whether they are from Google, Boxee, Roku, or even Apple, I get excited! Why? Because it means advancements in technology that will enhance our lives! Innovation is a wonderful thing and I welcome it no matter what company it comes from! I know that just around the corner, another company with another step forward, will bring us all closer to living in harmony with home system integration!

If you’d like to know what features I find exciting and innovative about Google TV and the Logitech Revue, please head on over to our friends at Home Toys and check out “3 Innovations that make Google TV a Winner”.



What are your thoughts? Does Google TV rock or is it just a fad? Is Apple TV or Boxee Box a better solution? Let us know about it!

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