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Why I love Google TV



As all of the excitement begins to die down a bit after the second iteration of Google TV was released via Sony recently, we can now get our hands on either a Google TV companion device from Sony and Logitech or go with it built right into a new Sony TV.

Having a choice between the Logitech or Sony brands and either the companion box Logitech Revue, the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray DiscTM Player, or a  46” Sony Internet TV actually works out just right:  If  you happen to be in the market for a new TV, then perhaps the Sony TV with Google TV built in will appeal to you.  If you don’t like the TV, or already have a nice one, then maybe you’re due for a new Blu-ray player and can benefit from the Google TV integration with Sony’s Internet TV Blu-ray DiscTM player.  If you’re not up for either a new TV or a new Blu-ray player, then you’ve still got the very worthy Logitech Revue.

The Revue was my choice because of that very same reason and I’ve spent some time reading and writing about it.  This also includes recently comparing it to the Netgear Roku streaming media player.  While the Roku is a great device (especially for the price), the Logitech Revue brought so much to the table that there really turned out to be no comparison between the two devices!  To me, the Revue has two features that really set it apart from everything else: the keyboard and Harmony integration.  Harmony, for those who may not be familiar, is the system that brings true system integration to this unit.  Made popular by the line of universal remotes, the brains of Harmony’s most advanced controller have been built right into the Revue.  I’ve got a Harmony remote and can’t wait until I can get this all set up!


You would think that with all of this love I seem to have for the Logitech Revue that the title of this article would be “Why I love the Logitech Revue”, but there really is a reason behind this title…

What Google has brought to the table here is the same thing they are recognized throughout the world for: Innovation Whether it be for a search engine, mapping and navigation, blogging, sharing photos online, email, the Chrome browser and operating system, or even the fastest growing mobile platform Android, Google is known to expand our horizons with just about everything they touch.  In truth, Google has proven to be one of the greatest companies in tech history when it comes to innovation.

With Google TV, Google has taken innovation and applied it to one of the most used mediums on the planet: TV.  TV is nearly everywhere on our planet in one form or another and yet has remained relatively unchanged for many years.  While TV has evolved over the years from black & white to color or from CRT to LCD / LED, it still has not been very interactive.   And while it’s also true that there have been attempts at Internet TV in the past, I believe that technology needed to catch up a bit before it would be able to be accepted by the masses.

That technology is here now, the bandwidth is here now, and I believe the consumer market is also here now because of the increasing popularity of streaming media from Netflix, Hulu, and a plethora of other “channels”.  So while the new battle lines are being formed about who has access to what content, I feel that Google TV will survive and come out relatively unscathed.

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Perhaps it’s time to stop and really recognize what Google TV has introduced in making our TVs interactive and opening up streaming media to the TV in a very viable and innovative way through it’s partners Sony and Logitech.   Only those of us who have HTPC’s (Home Theater PC) in our home can relate to having an interactive experience with our TV.

Focusing on which Broadcast channels decided to block Google TV or rejecting the notion of a keyboard in the living room because it sounds new and different only clouds our view of the great changes in Home Technology that are happening right before our eyes! Google TV could very well revolutionize TV for many of us if we let ourselves embrace technology and innovation and let go of our older notions of how we are supposed to watch our content.

Time will tell if this is true or not and if Google has finally brought Internet TV to the average consumer’s household.  Whether Google TV turns out to catch on or not, what it has done is help us take another step forward in what can be accomplished with our Home Technology.  My love for it stems from the innovation it brings to the Living Room along with the awareness it brings to the general public about Home System Integration!

We certainly would love to hear from any of you who’ve got a variant of Google TV and also those of you who think that it’s just a toy!  Everyone is welcome to leave a comment and tell us what you think!


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