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Logitech launches the Revue, a Google TV companion


There was certainly a lot of well-deserved fanfare today with the official launch and pre-sale of the Revue, the Google TV companion made by Logitech.  I will definitely own up to the fact that I’m pretty excited about the Revue, having just purchased a Samsung 46″ LED TV after getting home off of deployment last year and therefore not in the market for a new Sony TV, but wanting to experience Google TV none the less.


The Revue connects to your TV via HDMI and then ties in your cable or satellite set-top box via HDMI as well; add in Internet connectivity and you’re on your way!  Way to what?  Well, basically to a whole new way of interacting with your Television.

Unless you’ve got a Home Theater PC (HTPC) connected to your TV already, the other solutions out there just don’t give the entire experience that the Revue will give.  There are a few notable aspects of this device that set it apart from the competition:

The Operating System

With Google Chrome / Android behind this, you can be sure of plenty of growth in the future.  Google TV is already a rich viewing experience, but the fact that the OS is open source is what really opens up the future for this technology.  As more and more companies write apps to use with their products in a Chrome / Android world, the possibilities increase exponentially.



As I just mentioned, Google TV is already rich in content!  With access to Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora, Napster, NBA Game Time, and Amazon Video On Demand & Gallery ready to go out of the box, combined with the fact that the Android Market will be available via the Revue early next year, there really is huge potential for all kinds of interesting and useful apps designed to throw streamed content your way!  Google is also apparently currently in talks with Hulu and hopefully will make a deal, certainly solidifying their place at the top of the heap when it comes to streaming content.


The revue comes with  an included RF keyboard with a built in touch pad.  While there may be some people out there that just can’t imagine using a keyboard with their TV, let me be the first to say “Try it…I think you will like it!”.  Being able to easily look something up on the web or enter the title of a movie in your search without having to scroll through keys on an on-screen keyboard will make all the difference in the world and I predict that many of those nay-Sayers will change their tune after just a little use.  I have to admit that without a doubt I appreciate having a keyboard in my living room (though connected to a HTPC).   It’s time to embrace technology!

Beyond the keyboard, there are devices from video cameras that let you visit with friends and family from your couch instead of huddled in front of the computer,  to different control devices used for ease of input.  Speaking of control…

revue accessories


This is one of the categories where the Revue really sets itself apart from the crowd.  This is due mainly to the fact that Logitech has very wisely embedded the Harmony control system in the Revue.  This not only allows you to control your entire AV system, your lighting, and more from your Revue, it allows the Revue (and therefore all of those other devices and systems) to be controlled from your iPhone or Android Smartphone!  Talk about Home System Integration!  😉


With both options of 802.11 b/g/n wireless and standard wired Ethernet connectivity, the Revue ensures that your content is streamed as fast as possible from your high speed Internet.

Without going into more detail, there are a ton more features like: sending (flinging) whatever is on your phone to the TV, or the dual-view feature which allows you to watch and browse simultaneously, recording from the search bar, to even playing content from your local DLNA server!  There is still a lot to cover!

To find more out about the Revue, visit Logitech’s Revue site.  To find out more about Google TV in general, visit the Google TV site.  Sony will be announcing their Google TV integrated TV next week, so if you’re in the market for a new TV perhaps you might want to wait and see what Sony has to say!

One thing we are pretty certain of here at Home System Integration is that Streaming Media is going to revolutionize the way much of the world watches their programming and Google TV is about to take up leading that revolution.  Logitech’s Revue is a sleek, well constructed, piece of hardware that will bring the Streaming Media revolution to your living room with style!

Be sure to leave a comment and tell us what you think!  Roku fan?  Tell us about it! In the comments below or in the forums, both are easy to do!  Your community remember?  Enjoy…


[via Logitech and Google website, thx to both for pics]

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    I love the Logitech Revue!!! I work for DISH Network; I purchased mine for $179, or $120 off retail from DISH ($4 monthly integration fee.) I spent the morning looking at the best old Super Bowl commercials on Youtube. I have to say the office linebacker and the Etrade babies are still my favorites

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