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Presenting CEDIA’s Favorite Home Theaters


CEDIA Ahead of the Curve

Would you like to take a little journey into a world few of us get to see, even fewer get to actually live in?  This is the world where each home owner’s imagination is captured by the Systems Integrator / Installer and some of the worlds ultimate Home Theaters are born!  From underwater themes to the bridge of Star Trek’s Enterprise, these rooms provide a true escape from the real world into whatever themed world the homeowner desires.  Limited only by imagination and yes, the budget, what you’re about to witness will leave you dreaming!

That’s right folks, it’s time for the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) annual Electronic Lifestyles Designer Awards, recognizing the ultimate in excellence in the residential electronic systems industry.

The CEDIA awards broken into the following categories: Home Theater, Media Room, Integrated Home, Special Project, Hidden Installation, Show Room, and Special Project.

Check out the article written by Steve Crowe over at AVSforums here and be prepared to have your imagination ignited as well as your desire to win the lottery in a big way (because realistically…systems like this cost a LOT of money!)


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BillyPut simply, Tom (a.k.a Billy) loves technology! He’s been involved in the IT world since leaving the Navy in 1992 and has moved his way up to the top on the systems engineering side. After taking a short deviation into home automation, he’s never been able to shake his love for creating an environment of complete integration at home. If there is a way to make the various systems in his home more seamless (even if they weren’t originally meant to talk to each other) he’s up to the challenge of figuring out how to make it work!View all posts by Billy

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