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Android enters Home Control market by way of Slingbox founder


Being pretty much completely sold on Android since getting my Evo 4G, I was pretty excited to hear the news that my good friend Louis Gray sent my way about something exiting in the home-control industry coming down the pipe here soon.

Google, by way of Android is about to put another notch in it’s belt, this time from the home-control industry.  When you take into account the fact that it’s Google Android combined with Blake Krikorian, the founder of Sling Media, you can pretty much bet on this being a good thing!

Apparently, Blake has been “working over the past 18 months on an Android-centric home-control interface as part of an extensive home remodel project”, as he put it in an exclusive interview with Julie Jacobson over at CE Pro:

Specifically, Krikorian has developed an Android app for Crestron, the home control system that powers his own house. Codenamed R2, the solution will be demonstrated at the Crestron booth at CEDIA Expo.

Already the Krikorian household has numerous iPads and iPod touches for remote control of lights, shades, security, audio/video, thermostats and other Crestron-enabled smart systems.
But that’s not enough for the perpetual tinkerer and problem solver who always wants more – like the ability to watch the San Francisco Giants while traveling, which was the genesis of the Slingbox.
For example, he says, “I just wanted the iPad to let me bypass the slide-to-unlock bar so I could immediately control things with one button. Apple doesn’t give you the flexibility to do that.”

Krikorian combined the power of Google’s Android OS with the power of the much touted Samsung Galaxy Tablets and then used Crestron to tie it all together.  The $99 full version of the Crestron Android app, with a free limited functionality version will be unveiled at the CEDIA EXPO, which coincidentally starts tomorrow in Atlanta GA.

For more details on Brian’s newest creation, take a look at CD Pro’s full review here. Thanks Julie, great article!


[via CE Pro]

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  1. Billy

    Come on, tell me there aren't A LOT of people out there who are pretty stoked at the thought of being able to have complete home control with your Android phone and / or tablet! I can't wait to try out the the free version at least!

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  2. David Wilson
    David Wilson09-22-2010

    I did a quick google on the Samsung tablet. I am looking for a device to control the home but want something bigger than the cell phone.

    Nice device. Can't wait for it to be Sprint ready.

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