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10 Steps to Connect a computer to your Windows Home Server Vail


Windows Home Server

Here’s a short, sweet, and thorough tutorial on how to connect a computer (PC and / or Laptop) to a Windows Home Server Vail:

From the computer you’d like to connect to your Windows Home Server, open Internet Explorer (trust me, use IE for this step, no matter whether you use it for anything else) and enter this into the address bar:


Vail Connect 1

Click on “Download software for Windows”,

Vail Connect 2.1

Click on Run (or Save file if you prefer):

Vail Connect 3

Click Next

Alternate text

Once Setup verifies that computer meets requirements, click Next,

Vail Connect 5

After install, enter password you used during Vail server setup, click next

Vail Connect 6

When prompted, enter the description for the PC or laptop you are connecting, click Next

Vail Connect 7

Decide whether you want the PC to be woken up for backups to be performed or not, click Next

Vail Connect 8

Decide whether you’d like to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program or not, click Next

Vail Connect 9

The connector software is downloaded…

Vail Connect 10

and configured…

Vail Connect 11

Et Voila! You are finished!

Vail Connect 12

After clicking Finish, you will be brought to the Dashboard logon screen (assuming you kept the checkbox checked)

Vail Connect 13

Logon using your Vail server password and you will be brought to the Windows Home Server Vail Dashboard, where you configure and operate the server:

Vail Connect 15

In our next segment, we will teach you how to configure your Windows Home Server Vail, including:

  • Using the Dashboard to perform administration tasks such as User creation, configuring computers & backups, adding Hard Drives and Server folders, and installing add-ins.


  • Using the Launchpad to gain access to backups, alterts, and Remote Web Access.

Please leave a comment if you found this tutorial helpful or especially if you’ve got any shortcuts or other pointers!  Anything constructive to help the next guy out is appreciated by everyone!

Stay tuned!

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