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Special Offer for Home Server Sync over at Using Windows Home Server website!


Having the ability to backup all of your PCs and laptops at home to your Windows Home Server is such a great feature of WHS.  And while you can perform local back-ups of your Windows Home Server with ease, you really aren’t protected if something happens that takes out your Windows Home Server.  Like a fire for instance.

Having had a house fire about 5 years ago, I can attest to how easily you can lose everything in your home and more importantly, how extremely difficult it is to put your life back together.  Often, people find that they have lost things permanently, with no way to replace them; take family photo albums for instance.   This could also include all of those backups of your data from your workstations and laptops.   While losing irreplaceable personal items is traumatic enough, if you are running a business out of  your home, a loss like this could literally end your business if you haven’t taken the steps to properly protect yourself.

This is where Home Server Sync comes in.  In a nutshell, Home Server Sync is an add-in for Windows Home Server that enables you to backup your important files to an off-site backup location. As part of the subscription, you get 100GB of secure data storage. You also get a client component that enables you to sync files from your computers to your Windows Home Server on a schedule that you set, and you also get a very easy to use VPN component that you can utilize for many different tasks.

If you like what you hear then head on over to Using Windows Home Server and take advantage of their special promotion which will give you 465 days of service for the price of only 365!

This is an amazing deal so get on over there and get in on it!  I know I am!  Thanks Andrew!


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  1. Andrew Edney
    Andrew Edney08-05-2010

    thanks Tom – I am really pleased with it, its great being able to easily backup computers away from my home network, and the extra 100 days is a great bonus for anyone taking out the service.


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