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Repost: Building an under cabinet HTPC on a Friday night


Timothy Daleo, one of our buddies from over at Using Windows Home Server and also one of the main contributing authors, has put together another one of his outstanding instructional articles.  Not only does Tim cover all of the equipment needed, he also provides links to where to find all of the pieces and parts.  In addition, he goes about the process of putting this unobtrusively hidden Home Theater PC (HTPC) together with clear, concise directions touched with some much appreciated humor; even going so far as to properly instruct the would-be HTPC builder as to the appropriate points during the process to crack open some liquid refreshment to provide just the right amount of relaxation, obviously with the intent of ensuring steady hands in his meticulous work!   You will find the article punctuated with photos showing the work in progress from both the hardware and software aspect.

My Favorite Pic!

All in all, this is a superbly written “How-to” article describing how to build, configure,  and mount a HTPC that will record your shows via a SiliconDust Homerun Dual Tuner card  under a desk or cabinet!

Great work Tim!

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