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Home Theater | 3D or not to 3D?


That IS the question!

There is no doubt that 3D is the Tech and Entertainment Industry’s biggest buzzword these days, rivaled perhaps only by Apple’s iPad and iPhone 4G, and of course…Sprint’s Evo 4G! (yes…I am an Evo owner, yep I love it!) But I digress…

While 3D has actually been around for quite a long time (I remember 3D movies as a kid with the cheap blue and red les glasses and how the picture never quite matched up), it seems that James Cameron’s “Avatar” is what has poured the fuel on the fire so to speak and really ignited consumer interest.  Now you can’t go into a major consumer electronics store without finding 3D displays setup by various brands.  I grabbed this snapshot of a Samsung 3D display at Fry’s:

Despite the massive amount of buzz around 3D, industry experts agree that the technology (at least as we know it today) is still in its infancy.  There is still fairly little content and manufacturers are still working out minor technical glitches.

That isn’t slowing anyone down though it seems!  From just about every possible area of the Home Theater industry, manufacturers are pushing 3D hard and the new standard of a “premium” TV now has to include 3D capability.  The newest Blu-Ray players are coming out with the ability to play 3D movies for these TVs and movie studios are promising at least 70 titles of Blu-Ray movies this year.

Combine that with broadcast channels now jumping on the bandwagon like Comcast demonstrating their upcoming 3D broadcast of the Masters Golf tournament, and it seems that 3D is certainly here to stay!

The question that then arises is when to make the switch?  In Marguerite Reardon’s article she quotes David Katzmaier, CNET Reviews senior editor for TVs as saying: “If you bought a new HD TV in the last couple of years, you don’t need to run out and get one with 3D, I know I am not rushing to get a new TV. It’s early and it will take some time for everything to fall into place.”

I would have to agree with that, having just purchased a Samsung 46” 6000 Series LED TV last summer after returning from Iraq, I can’t see myself trying to convince myself (or anyone else for that matter) that it’s worth the upgrade….yet!

While Ubisoft apparently is predicting that 3D Television will be in “everyone’s living room” by the end of 2013, I (like this author of the Ubisoft article) don’t think that the growth will be quite that dramatic.

As I mentioned earlier, I do think 3D is here to stay, there is little doubt of that!  And as prices continue to plummet, more content comes out, more devices like Blu-Ray players are produced that support it, and especially as the cable and satellite providers really jump into the game, I think we will soon find ourselves in a 3D world when it comes to Television and computer gaming.  And that, my friends, seems pretty cool to me!

Stay tuned for a “how-to” article on how to build your very own 3D gaming rig!  Truth is, I’ll probably have a 3D rig before I have a 3D TV, but hey…I’m a gamer!  That and I LOVE my Samsung LED HDTV!

Check back all month for more 3D content as we’re focusing on 3D for the month of July!


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