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Hit the ATV trails with integrated ATV Sound Systems and speakers.


Ok, so this one might seem like it’s coming out of left field for some of you, especially on a site dealing with Integrating our home technologies, but bear with me for just a second here.  See, many of our homes have garages and while yes, we can put a TV in there by the workbench, pump in some whole-house audio, or even connect to the internet on our laptops with wireless or Gig speed Ethernet, that’s still not where I’m going with this…

No Ladies and Gentlemen, what I’m talking about today are ATVs…as in All Terrain Vehicles!  See, it wasn’t too long ago that I had some really good times exploring some amazing ATV trails out in Utah where I used to live.  I ran across a site today that had a product that I really wish they had around back in the day!

So what is this great product and what does it have to do with anything remotely dealing with Home Theaters or any of our other standard topic categories?   Well how would it be to have the ability to take along some tunes with you while doing some ATV off road riding?  I’m not talking about sticking some earphones in under your helmet or duct taping an old boom box to your handle bars…no, we’ve got something much better for those of you who might be ATV enthusiasts!

A company called AudioFormz has conveniently gathered a whole slew of speaker systems and actual sound systems representing companies like Clarion and JBL that are designed specifically to be mounted securely right on the handlebars of your ATV!

These systems come in a variety of finishes, are water and mud resistant, and come with a combination of radio/CD Player/MP3 player!  Add to that the ability to upgrade to marine JBL or Kicker speakers and you have got yourself one heck of a mobile sound system!  Check out these shots:

Thanks to

So why not take a break from that amazing Home Theater with its 55” Samsung LED TV for a while this Saturday afternoon, throw some tunes on your iPod or burn a CD of favorites and go tear up some ATV trails while enjoying the ultimate Hi-Def picture that nothing but Mother Nature can provide!

This is for you Nate, see ya on the trails!


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