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Experience Windows Home Server Vail on a Virtual Machine


Thanks to Microsoft for Pic

Are you chomping at the bit to check out the newest version of Windows Home Server codenamed “Vail”, but don’t have the extra hardware to build a new server? (remember, it needs to be 64bit hardware!)

Well, our friends over at Using Windows Home Server ( have given a great review about how to run Vail on a Virtual Machine.  They’ve even included some tutorials from a couple of well known sites so that you can compare methods.

Check out the article here.

BTW, if you haven’t downloaded the beta of Vail yet, you can grab it here.  So download it and start messing with it because from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty sweet!  I have it downloaded, just haven’t installed it yet!

We will have a review of this newest version of Windows Home Server soon!

Stay Tuned!

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