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Windows Home Server | “Vail” beta now available!


On April 26th, Microsoft unveiled “Vail” (yes, I meant that!), the second iteration of the Windows Home Server series.  Built on the Windows Server 2008 R2 platform, the primary enhancements focus on:

  • Extending media streaming outside the home or office
  • Improvements in multi-PC backup and restore
  • Simplified setup and user experience
  • Significantly expanded development and customization tools for partners

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Although not much else has been disclosed, you can download the 64-bit beta from the Windows Home Server Connect program and start getting your hands dirty, although Microsoft recommends you install the software on a non-essential machine.  This also means you cannot run this as a dual boot on your existing WHS do the change from 32 to 64-bit.  So if you happen to have a spare machine lying about, download the beta and get busy!

We’ll have more to come soon, including a review of Windows Home Server “Vail” in all of its installed glory.  For those of us who are currently using Windows Home Server, this is pretty exciting news and we look forward to seeing what everyone thinks!

Our stated goal on this site is to create a community where people share their ideas on inter-connectivity between the technologies in their home, and we are convinced that Windows Home Server can easily become the central component of your home system infrastructure once you’ve given it a spin!  We will continue to cover WSH as well as introduce you to the multitude of configuration options and 3rd party add-ins that further enhance your home technology experience!

More to come soon…

[via Microsoft and Engadget]

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