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The Internet: Coming to a Google TV near you!


As if practical domination of the internet and a rapidly increasing presence in the smartphone industry were not enough, the giant Google is making a move for your TV too! Since Google will begin invading televisions throughout the world as soon as this fall, we felt it our duty to give you a heads up of what’s on the horizon. We’re all about assisting you build and maintain your home system while integrating everything we possibly can, so here’s a look at what Google TV is all about and we’ll let you decide the rest.

In a move to expand its influence on what is now a $60 billion industry; Google has focused their attention on your home theater system with Google TV. Google is not just a piece of hardware, but rather it is a platform that can be added to TV sets, Blu-Ray players, and “companion boxes” to name a few and will enable the user to view and browse the internet via Google Chrome 5.0 as well as browse your cable and/or satellite channels. Simply by opening a browser via Google TV, you type what you’re looking for in the familiar search bar and Google TV finds what you’re looking for on the internet and/or your subscribed channels…and that’s just one feature.  Based on the Android operating system, you will also be able to run applications (similar to how an Android phone works) found browsing Android Market. On Google’s blog post concerning Google TV they even went as far as challenging developers to begin designing apps now that will take advantage of the feature rich Google TV.

Interested yet? We are! Although the information about Google TV is there, we still want to experiment with how it will integrate and support your home entertainment system. So far, it seems to have some promising features. Not only will it integrate with your Television (or in Sony’s case…BE your Television), Blu-ray player, cable and satellite but it will also pull in your computer and phone. Don’t worry about having to buy a brand new television to experience Google TV as companies like Logitech (the first official company with a device in production) are producing companion boxes  which will allow you to run Google TV on your HDTV.  You can find more information about the Logitechs’ Revue here.

So far, we know that Google TV will be installed in some of the newer Sony television sets, one Blu-ray player and an upcoming DISH Box. All of these devices will have a few basics in common such as the Intel Atom (or better) processor, discrete GPU, Bluetooth, IR, Wi-Fi, HDMI-out and Ethernet.  Google TV will also support keyboard and pointing devices along with the Logitech Harmony universal remote (good news when it comes to integrating your home system devices) and even your Android phone. So, let’s see: Phone, computer, cable, satellite, Blu-ray and Television…yup, that about covers it. It seems that Google has set their sights having Google TV becoming the central hub of your integrated home.  The question in our minds comes to whether Google TV really compares to a full fledged Home Theater PC (HTPC) which still seems to have much more functionality.  We guess it probably boils down to personal taste and what functions you want your Google TV / HTPC to perform. Stay tuned in and we’ll continue to give you up to date information on what just might revolutionize the way we watch TV!  In the mean time, check out Google’s intro video:

Don’t you just love technology?  We do!

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