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Media Streaming | Hulu plans to charge for service


In a move that the entertainment and cable industries are watching closely, Hulu has announced that it is making plans on becoming a paid service in the near future. While there is a lot of speculation on whether the consumer will pay for this type of service on top of already paying for cable, internet, and telephony, the general consensus seems to be that people will pay for a service that gives them the ability to view media and their convenience.

Mike Vorhaus of media consultancy Frank N. Magid, believes that consumers will pay for the convenience of getting content when they want it, where they want it.

“Many viewers are not going home to watch TV anymore. They’ve already been trained to believe TV is coming to them and demand is growing for this content in different forms and different business models,” he said.

“Some payment by some people for some online content is here to stay, but it will continue to evolve,” said Vorhaus.

According to the sources, the paid portion of this service will be for older, archived episodes and the new ones will still be free.

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In addition to moving towards a paid model for streaming media, Hulu is apparently expanding its content to consumer devices like the Microsoft Xbox and Apple iPad.  So far these are the only companies mentioned in the report, but rest assured they most likely won’t stop there.  This will only increase the appeal and the chances that consumers will pay if they can watch last night’s “Office” episode on their cell phone or iPad on the train to work.

So while the world watches to see if Hulu can pull this off, the entertainment and cable companies are poised to run with this concept and grab their share of the projected $16.1 billion online video market.

The topic of media streaming is one that we here at Home System Integration are excited to bring you all kinds of content about.  From capturing streaming audio and video, to hosting your own streaming media server, to just simply streaming media from your laptop to your home theater, it is our goal to share as many different solutions as we possibly can.  It’s our desire, that you, our readers, will do the same and share your knowledge with us and your fellow readers!

We’ll be sure to bring you more news about Hulu’s ventures (as well as other exciting announcements) as it comes out, hopefully as soon as next week with E3 kicking off.  You gotta love E3!

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