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Integrating Home Technology


Home System Integration…what are we all about?

Ever since I spent my first year here in California working in the home automation industry, I’ve had a particular affinity towards this stuff. Being an IT guy for many years now, I obviously have a fair amount of technical skill, but it goes beyond that.  To me, there’s something very cool about integrating all of the technology we have in our homes today, making them “play nice” with each other.  The goal of this site will be to become a resource for novice and expert alike; a place where people come to both find and share ideas on home system integration.

In the upcoming months and beyond we will bring to you “how-to” articles on topics like: home theater setup, home theater PC, home server setup (to include the new “Vail” Windows Home server setup), Windows Media Center setup, home networking setup, home technologies, and to tie it all together, home technology integration. With all of this connected technology, and with the increasing popularity of streaming media, we will also keep a close eye on this exciting new arena.

New players in the industry will continue to keep the hardware side of things fresh, as Google is about to show us with Google TV.  It will be interesting to see how successful the giant will be with their new hardware.  We will also be reviewing new hardware technology as it comes out to include the newest LED / LCD TVs, home theater systems, home theater PC’s (HTPC), home networking equipment, and the latest in home automation technology.

When it comes to just who is bringing all this information to you, the “we” is a group of friends who’ve been working together in the IT industry over the past few years and who all share a lust for technology within the home.  Every one of us have integrated our home systems, but in different ways. That is where the idea of this site was born; we needed (or rather wanted) a place where we could compare not only the “what’s” of our particular systems, but the “HOW’s” more importantly.

This is where you, the readers come in.  The concept behind this site is not just another site where you find tutorials about how to do this or that.  No, this is about creating a community.  A community of tech-savvy and not-so-savvy people who share the same love for home technology, but approach it in different ways!  So you, the readers, are what this site is all about.  If you’ve got a good idea, share it on the forums (coming soon)!  Got a question or a technical problem you just can’t seem to get around?  Ask, and I’ll bet someone on this site will have or find the answer for you!

So there you go everyone; that is what we are all about.  We look forward to forming relationships with many of you as we share our knowledge of the home technology we love!


About the Author

BillyPut simply, Tom (a.k.a Billy) loves technology! He’s been involved in the IT world since leaving the Navy in 1992 and has moved his way up to the top on the systems engineering side. After taking a short deviation into home automation, he’s never been able to shake his love for creating an environment of complete integration at home. If there is a way to make the various systems in his home more seamless (even if they weren’t originally meant to talk to each other) he’s up to the challenge of figuring out how to make it work!View all posts by Billy

  1. Robert Frost
    Robert Frost06-17-2010

    Hey, I really like the theme of this website, it sounds like you will have a lot of good information for us. Can't wait to see more! Keep up the good work!


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