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Google TV | Logitech jumps in the game


Google TV

As we mentioned in our recent post, Logitech has jumped on the Google band wagon in a recent partnership to support Google TV. Shortly after Logitech joined Google on stage along with Sony, Intel, Best Buy, DISH Network and Adobe for the announcement of Google TV, they released the title of what is the first of likely many Google TV companion boxes. “Revue”, a popular term between 1910 and 1930, means a type of multi-act theatrical entertainment that combined music, dance and sketches…and? That’s it! Logitech, in a brief explanation of their CE4100 powered Google TV Box, gave that definition of Revue as a front to their soon to be released companion box/controller that will combine everything on the web, cable or satellite content, apps, video calling and more that they feel will be “wildly popular” between 2010-2030, until Logitech “reinvents interaction again”- according to what Ashish Arora, Vice President and General Manager of Logitech’s Digital Home Group  posted on the Logitech Blog on June 16, 2010.

Pricing will not be released for the Logitech Revue until fall of this year for Logitechs’ latest entry into home entertainment.  However, it contains the Logitech Harmony technology which the higher end remotes sell for as much as $400.00 (Harmony 900 remote).  What we know is that the Revue will tout the Android operating system, support Flash 10.1, include Google Chrome Browser 5.0, and also is going to come with a keyboard style Harmony remote, as mentioned above.  The good news is that if you already have a Logitech Harmony remote or an Android phone,  you will be able to leverage those technologies to work with the Revue as well!

Thanks to Logitech for picAt this point, that is about all that can be said about this new home entertainment device without giving way to speculation so we’ll just keep you posted as  information comes to light! Needless to say, we are waiting with great anticipation to learning how we can use this new technology to create seamless integration between our TV and the internet.

Stay tuned!

[via Logitech]

  1. Robert Frost
    Robert Frost06-29-2010

    Last summer I bought a 46" Samsung 6000 series LED TV. I'm thinking I might get this Logitech device to check out Google TV. Thanks for the info!

  2. Tayler

    I'm starting to buy into the hype. Google TV looks cool but my tv is like, 5 years old. It's still nice though so I'm deciding if I should just go for the logitech box or should I buy the tv that includes google tv…is there benefit of choosing one over the other?

  3. fettman24

    I am so glad that this was released, just got mine hooked up last week and it's hard to put it down. As far as your question Tayler I would still recommend getting the Revue, mostly because you can integrate it with your DVR system if you have DISH Network so that the keyboard will control everything and it is also only 179$ for DISH customers and 299$ everywhere else. Also I'm in love with the Netflix app makes streaming my easier so much more convenient. I used to have to change input of my TV, boot up the Xbox, navigate to it and select a movie. Now with the Logitech it is just there you know. Not to mention I can put it in picture and picture and surf the web. Being a DISH employee I was lucky to get to use it quite a bit before I was FINALLY able to talk my wife into letting me get another gadget, but she is starting to come around as well.

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